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With HSP Gripen, we have brought ease of use – driving pleasure – to a new level. Twin hydraulic cylinders provides a low and even shaft load. The cylinders are cushioned and the unique claw design provides smooth roll-in and the best degree of filling. It is really about how gently the grapple enters the material and how easily it fills and unloads without creating difficulties. And not least, the grapple maintains its power and performance over time.

Universaalne haarats

HSP Gripen Standard

Standard grapple. Best selling model. Suitable for lifting different materials.

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Gripen Lighter

Lighter grapple for smaller machines. 


Gripen HDX

Very strong and stable model for lifting full-length logs. Suitable for a forvarder, for example.

Saeveski haarats

Gripen Industry

Special model for sawmills.

Saag haaratsile

Gripen Saw cassette

Saw for attachment to the grapple.

Võlli komplekt.png

HSP Gripen spare parts

Original spare parts for various grapples.

Haarats BIO

Gripen BIO

Especially suitable for working in the forest with smaller materials such as scrub.

Raske materjali haarats

Gripen HeavyDuty

For lifting heavy material.

Haarats terminalidesse ja seaveskitesse

Gripen Terminal LB

Special model for working in terminals and sawmills. Very strong model!

Ümarpuidu haarats

Gripen V-Shape

The best grapple for sorting and lifting round wood.


Gripen Buckets

Bucket. Suitable for lifting bulk material.


Gripen Duo

Two grapples in one. The blades can be removed in less than 10 minutes. So it is suitable for lifting both shrubs and round wood.

Ekskavaatori haarats

Gripen Construction

Wide grapple for excavator.

Ümarpuidu haarats

Gripen Terminal

For lifting large quantities of round wood in terminals and sawmills.


Gripen Sorting

Grabble for waste stations and construction site sorting.

Kopad haaratsile

Gripen Bucket worse

Buckets to be attached to the grab.


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