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We help you to sell used forestry equipment. We have a considerable customer base in whole Baltics and we work together with factories from allover Europe to find customers for used machines. If you are interested, contact us. We also recommend  you yo contact us if you want to buy used equipment, but you do not find any suitable from our webpage. We help you to find a suitable machine!


WhatsAppi pilt 2023-08-22 kell 13.51.32.jpg

Used HSP Gripen Standard

WhatsAppi pilt 2024-03-25 kell 10.28.24_7bf1ffb1.jpg

Used truck with trailer

WhatsAppi pilt 2024-01-29 kell 12.22.52_364544e0.jpg

Used Mus-Max 10 XL Hack-Truck and Kesla forest crane

WhatsAppi pilt 2024-03-26 kell 11.32.16_2bf8a03b.jpg

Lietots Traktora smalcinātājs ar meža pacēlāju

WhatsAppi pilt 2024-02-28 kell 14.38_edited.jpg

Used Mus-Max wood chipper with tractor

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