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The luminous intensity of Tyri Lights, which are weather and vibration resistant, is significantly better than that of analogues with the same parameters. It is worth investing in quality that makes work significantly more comfortable and efficient. Tyri Lights lights are used, for example, on Volvo industrial machines and John Deere forestry machines.

We offer LED, HID (Xenon) as well as halogen lamps for agricultural, heavy duty, forestry and construction machinery. We can also guarantee a better price for bulk orders.

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LED 1010

Light that connects with many different machines.



Easy to install and direct wherever you need it. The highest EMC grade rated model.

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LED 1010 Whitepoint

A light designed to accurately illuminate long distances.



Twice as much light and greater output thanks to the rectangular design.

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To illuminate many different work operations.

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LED 0909 Compact+

Light with slim body and curved glass to help prevent rainfall. Suitable for both forklift trucks and agriculture.

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LED 1010 IR 

Work light used in military machinery.

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LED 1010 Recess

Nested light. For construction and agricultural machinery.

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LED 1010 HighBeam

For cars, ATVs, off-road machines. High beam with good vibration resistance.

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LED 1013

Oval shape economical work light.

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LED 1313

An especially powerful heavy-duty LED work light, used e.g. large construction, fire and mining vehicles that need a lot of light. Also suitable for off-road vehicles.

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LED 1323 AC

AC power version for very powerful work light (13,500 lumens).


Deutsch divider

This Deutsch divider converts one connection into two. Available in four different sizes. 



Effective light for multipurpose use.

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LED 0606 Diffused

Small, powerful and wide light.

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LED 1010 Diffused

Very wide visibility for a short distance!

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The unique shape makes this light a real eye-catcher.

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LED D8 Swivel

A good light for use on warehouse trucks, forklifts and construction machinery.

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D8 Swivel BluePoint & RedPoint

Blue LED lamp, for example, for handling goods in warehouses. Ensures safe work!

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LED 1010 AC

Work light for using in mines and for stationary lighting.


V12 Light Bar

A light made for ATV-s, off-road machines, agriculture, mining and construction.

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LED 1010 WhiteBeam 

High beam with narrow beam. Can be used as a search light. Used in shipping, special cars.

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LED 1310

Vertical oval light. Makes Your machine design special.

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LED 1313 AC

Durable work light with low energy consumption (60 W). For larger machines, suitable for AC.

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The special shaped light is well suited for smaller machines, but also ideal for lighting larger areas. The work light is available with and without bracket.

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LED 1010 Blue- & Redbeam

Really powerful spotlights used in agriculture. Blue and Red.

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LED 0606

Small, but powerful light!


LED 1010 XP-9

A newer version of the popular 1010 model that is even more powerful.

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LED 0909

Quality light for different jobs.

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LED 0909 Compact

Light with narrow shape. Ideal for forklifts.

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0909 Mint White

Work light which is suitable for working in  mines.

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LED 1010 Flush

Narrow work light. Mainly used in mining, construction.

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LED 1010 Curve

Narrower body than the rest of the 1010 series lights. Used for forklifts and demolition robots, which require less light but are also suitable for large construction machines and other applications.

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LED 1010 BlueBird

Work light used in poultry farming. A special filter helps reduce eye irritation, so it can be used when people are nearby.

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LED HL Turn Signal

Turn signal light that fits perfectly with the HL Compact light.

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LED 1323

Very powerful work light (16,500 lumens).

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Lights with a streamlined special design are used, for example, in fire trucks, warehouse trucks, etc.


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