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Here you will find accessories for raising sheep and other animals. 

The products are of high quality from Olli, Cox Agri (Finland, England, New Zealand).  If you wish to purchase, write to, place an order by phone: +37255592504 or use our social media channels.


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Lightning protection - 4 EUR + VAT (Before 10.50 + VAT)

When building a shepherd, it is also essential to install lightning protection.


Claw tongs, smooth blade, 12.- + VAT (Regular price 25.-)

High quality pliers.


Horistop N electric shepherd automatic switching device, with remote control 40.- + KM (normal price 99.-)

A device that allows you to turn off the electric herd from anywhere. A remote control is also included. Ask for more information.


Shepherd's cord extension link for 3 mm cord, 10 pcs in a package 3 EUR + VAT (normal price 7.50.- + VAT)

Olli brand links for an effective continuation of the shepherd's line.


Microbol applicator 15.- + KM

An applicator that makes it easy to administer microbes to the animal. Only 1 pc.


Shepherd's cord extensions 5-8mm 5 pcs in a pack 2.- + VAT (Regular price 7.- + VAT)

Links for extending / connecting the shepherd's cord to a thicker shepherd's cord.


Ear tags 0.05 pcs + VAT

Available in large quantities for temporary ear tags, different colors: blue, green, light purple. 

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