Balmax offer high quality Optibelt V-belts and we always have different models in stock. Ask for a better price for larger quantities! If you do not find a suitable model on our site, please ask, we will order!

Optibelt RED POWER v-belts feature a high modulus tension cord for a 50% increase in power capacity. These cords resist stretching over time making  them maintenance-free and more energy efficient as tension loss decreases efficiency. It's transverse fiber rubber compound increase the belts capacity to dissipate heat and stabilizes the belt in the sheave for up to 97% efficiency. 


High modulus polyester tension cords resist stretching. This eliminates re-tensioning maintenance and substantially improves energy efficiency.

Transverse fiber rubber provides added strength and allows for higher cord tension, which increases the belt’s power capacity.

2X wrapped for increased grip strength and greater wear resistance. This specialized wrap is rubber impregnated and fused to the belt’s core rubber.

Available in stock:


Optibelt SPB2120 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPB1900 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPC4250 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPC4500 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPC3750 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPB2240 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPB2280 Red Power 3 

Optibelt SPB2000 Red Power 3 

Timing belts:

Optibelt Omega HL 2450 14MHL 84mm