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Z-boom crane gains popularity - a possibility to load more

Kesla Z -boom forest cranes are becoming increasingly used in Europe in the recent years. Finnish crane manufacturer Kesla estimates that Z boom cranes already make up approximately 40% of their crane production. In addition to the Z-shaped cranes, a front-folding version has also arrived on the market, which combines well with straight and Z-shaped cranes. We have noticed a similar interest among Balmax customers, who appreciate the speed and comfort of the work and the compactness of the machines.

Z cranes optimize load area

"The transport position of the Z-boom crane allows more loading compared to straight cranes, so the entire loading space remains only for log transport. The total added value is several cubic meters of wood. It is also easier to move the truck to the transport position. Therefore, our customers can carry out work significantly more economically by using the Z forest crane and save both time and money," says Pille-Riin Raudsepp, CEO of Balmax.

"For example, if it is necessary to leave space on top of the load for a straight lift, this combination may be too high to pass through the footings of the bridge. In this case, the Z forest crane helps to save a lot of space," added Raudsepp.

The demand for Z forest crane has grown significantly in recent years. Kesla rates Z forest cranes as its best-selling forklift. Z forest lifts are produced from 5 ton meters to 24 ton meters. They are usually purchased for cut-to-length work, but larger models from 21 to 24 ton meters are also suitable for handling long logs.

Z forest cranes are generally installed in the rear of the truck, except for the larger models, which are normally placed behind the truck cab.

The Kesla Vision cabin is available for Z forest forklifts in the size class up to 17 ton meters. Larger cranes are equipped with a high seat.

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