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How to create value from wood scraps?

Article author: Katariina Kuusaru

Low-value wood - whether it's brush, branches, or simply damaged wood - doesn't have to be a burden to a business. On the contrary, it can be a resource that can be recycled sustainably. One of the best ways to recycle is to reprocess these scraps into high-quality wood chips, which can later be used in, for example, energy production. At the heart of this entire chipping process are wood chippers - machines that process logging waste and underbrush into fine wood chips.

Balmax's Mus-Max wood chippers are an excellent choice for professionals who value quality, reliability and productivity. These premium class made in Europe chippers are designed to meet the highest requirements, producing up to 300 bulk cubic meters of wood chips per hour. The list of chippers offered by Balmax includes both truck-powered and self-powered truck chippers, as well as tractor trailer-towed wood chippers.

"To this date, we have already bought four Balmax wood chippers in a row - this shows how satisfied we are with these machines," says Argo Teral, a member of the board of the forestry company Renlog. "And at the end of the day, everything comes down to money, and for us, Balmax wood chippers have the best price-to-durability ratio," added Teral.

The usage possibilities for wood chips are extensive. In energy production, wood chips can be used as biomass, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Teral mentioned that all of Renlog's wood chips go to boiler plants and cogeneration plants for heat or electricity production. In landscaping, wood chips are used as mulch, which helps retain moisture and suppress weed growth. Wood chip mulch is also well-suited for covering pathways, as it does not produce dust. In agriculture, wood chips can be a valuable addition to the soil, improving its structure and fertility.

According to Balmax's CEO, Pille-Riin Raudsepp, the demand and interest in their machines are very high. "In recent years, customers have been buying increasingly larger machines because productivity and efficiency are crucial for such large wood chippers," Raudsepp said. "The larger and more powerful the wood chippers are, the faster and more efficiently the customer can fill their machine load. Smaller machines are hardly ordered anymore," Raudsepp added.

By choosing your wood chipper from Balmax, the company ensures not only a high-quality device but also professional support and service. The Balmax team has 15 years of experience in the forestry sector, enabling them to offer each customer a solution tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, Balmax provides maintenance services throughout the Baltics and has a large spare parts warehouse, ensuring the long-term and smooth operation of the machines.

Producing wood chips from wood residues is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally friendly. Balmax's Mus-Max wood chippers are an example of innovative technology that allows wood residues to be sustainably utilized, giving them a new life as wood chips. This approach contributes to more efficient resource use and creates a greener future.


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