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TYRI factory begins the production of printed circuit boards

TYRI, a world leader in work machine lighting, is now starting the production of printed circuit boards in Sweden, with a capacity to produce 3 million boards per year. The 1,800 square meter factory in Kungsbacka will make the company self-sufficient in this field. As a result, TYRI will achieve better control, higher quality, and more reliable delivery.

All printed circuit boards required for TYRI's lighting equipment will be produced in the new factory in Kungsbacka, located south of Gothenburg. By 2025, the company aims to be self-sufficient in producing circuit boards for all lamps manufactured in its three factories. This will reduce the impact of global uncertainties and ensure more secure deliveries for customers.

TYRI views the production of printed circuit boards as part of its development. The factory will also include a section dedicated to manufacturing customized lights with exceptionally high cleanliness requirements. This is a business area where TYRI anticipates significant growth in the coming years.

With the opening of the brand-new printed circuit board production unit, TYRI is looking to the future. Digitalization is central, and the 30-meter production line is prepared for further digitalization from the outset.

To achieve profitability in in-house printed circuit board production, a high level of digitalization is required. Therefore, TYRI employs the best available technology and is prepared for continued digitalization in the future. A significant part of this involves increasing productivity while maintaining high quality.


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