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Spacious and convenient HüttenbergTool tool trolleys

HüttenbergTool tool trolleys have been added to the Balmax product range, which are equipped with 5 drawers of high-quality tools. This cart has a total of 6 drawers and a top surface for storing things. The tool cart is a convenient solution for those who do not want to purchase each individual tool separately and want an organized and mobile system for their tools. All included tools are in original packaging and made of chrome-vadium.

The main advantages of tool carts are:

  • Time saving - thanks to the organized tools, it is possible to quickly find all the tools in one place.

  • Easy transport of tools - a trolley with wheels allows you to comfortably carry tools.

  • Easy to use - the trolley drawers are easy to move and easy to open.

Check out the product details here:


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