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Last year's bestsellers

In the last 14 years the main goal for Balmax has been completing our product range with top quality items, which prove itself in the forest as well as working on the field. For example you can find Sweden made HSP Gripen grapples and TYRI Lights working lights. In 2022 our bestselling grapple was DUO model. Also, TYRI Lights did deepen it's popularity amongst our customers. But what makes those products special?

DUO – only 2in1 grapple in the market

HSP Gripen DUO grapple is patented item, which is available again after design changes. DUO os combined model of BIO and Standard timber grapple. Therefore, ordering one grapple you will essentially get two. Within minutes it's possible to change the function of the grapple, so you do not have to take new grapple for different kind of tasks. It's a way of saving time and money, because DUO is a lot cheaper than two seperate grapples. In 2022 it became most sold grapple for Balmax, which found it's way to several big companies machine park. The feedback has been great and grapple has proved it's quality in every way possible. Available models at the moment are 028, 035 and 055. Additionally, our dealers stock has almost all the time every spare part that could be needed, which means that there is no need to wait, if the work needs to be done.

TYRI Lights – you need lightning, not just working lights

There is a tight competition and a big selection in working lights market. TYRI stands out in that market thanks to itś quality and output. The lights are tested and worked out in Swedish laboratories, which assures that the promised lumens are true. Working light needs to lighten the work area, but it cannot dazzle a worker. Also, in the winter it's necessary that the glass of the light would reject precipitation and wouldn't overly reflect from the snow. The case of a light needs to be durable and high quality, so every bough that might cross, wouldn't break it. All those features characterize TYRI Lights and give it a clear advantage compared to cheaper analogues. Who once tries TYRI Lights, will mostly become it's permanent user and understand quickly the necessity of the investment. Good visibility makes work more efficient and helps avoiding expensive mistakes. In winter season we advise TYRI Lights for snow pushers, forestry as well as for mining, roadworks etc. Several heavy equipment producers use TYRI working lights, for example John Deere forestry machines, Valtra tractors etc.

To purchase our bestsellers in 2023, contact us by or call on +37255921928.


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