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Introducing construction, - demolition- and sorting grapples from HSP GRipen

Balmax has been selling HSP Gripen grapples throughout the Baltics for over ten years. Until now, the main selling products have been grapples used in forestry for lifting logs, bushes, etc. However, few people know that the product range also includes durable construction, demolition and sorting grapples for professional use. In 2023, we have set a goal to gain a foothold in the market with these products as well.


Why should you consider buying an HSP Gripen grapple? Balmax invests heavily in the spare parts warehouse every year, which means that, if necessary, spare parts are quickly available and all you have left is the joy of trouble-free operation. In addition, HSP Gripen grapples have excellent quality and carefully thought-out design. The factory is constantly collecting information directly from distributors and customers about how to make grapples better and more efficient. In addition, the grapple materials are very high quality. It is a real premium class, with the prices comparable to the products of competitors.

CONSTRUCTION GRAPPLE – A grapple with the widest opening

Construction is a premium grapple that probably opens wider than any other. It is designed to be mounted on an excavator and has a unique mounting plate that is one piece with no welded side pieces. The load securing valve and the piston accumulator are installed inside the stand, integrated with the hydraulic system. The structure can lift heavy weights and is extremely stable at the same time. The Construction model is available in the following sizes: 015, 025, 040, 055, 080.

SORTING GRAPPLE – Quick and easy lifting of stones and metal

The sorting grapple is particularly suitable for use in construction and construction sites as well as in waste plants. The grab's hydraulic system is integrated with a load holding valve and a piston accumulator mounted inside the stand. The SORTING grapple handles heavy lifting and is extremely stable at the same time. Unlike the CONSTRUCTION grapple, this one closes end to end. The Sorting model is available in sizes: 015, 025, 040, 055, 080.


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