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HSP Gripen starts producing light grapples

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

HSP Gripen grapple

Soon, a brand new grapple model will be added to the HSP Gripen product range, which is specially designed for forestry operations with smaller forwarders and forestry trailers. Due to high demand, the HSP factory decided to develop exactly such a product for customers. Balmax's sales department is also constantly asked so that the quality gapples offered by HSP Gripen can also be used for smaller machines.

Light series models are noticeably lighter in weight compared to previous models. The smallest model, 017, with an area of 0.17 square meters, is 20 percent lighter, and the next size, 024, is as much as 40 percent lighter than its previous model. Coming out with new models is certainly not accidental, because in the last few years, a large number of small-scale machines have been added to the forest machinery landscape, which inevitably require lighter tools. HSP Gripen ensures that machine builders have the quality grapples they need.

In addition to market needs, the innovative solution is also important from the perspective of sustainable consumption and circular economy. For this purpose, raw materials are used more intelligently and efficiently in the manufacture of products in order to reduce the carbon footprint of product development. These grapples are tools that consume relatively less energy during their work.

The new series has been developed without compromising on strength and durability, which ensures a long life of the products. The Light series products not only match, but also surpass their predecessors in grip strength and performance. It will soon be possible to order the products, and if you are interested, you can inform us of your wish to be among the first to use the new Light series grapples.


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