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PIKO (R30 & M30) halusmasin

The PIKO R30 and M30 are firewood processors that allow you to produce quality firewood quickly and lightly, thanks to fully hydraulic control. The PIKO R30 and M30 are equipped with a 4 m long discharge conveyor that can be turned laterally. A hydraulic feed table is standard on all models, making working easy.
Piko mock-up machines are available in two basic versions – tractor-driven and towed by a car. A hydraulic 2-lever control valve does the lifting and feeding of the wood into the machine. 

Technical Information:

  • Maximum log diameter 300 mm

  • Minimum log diameter 50 mm

  • Firewood length (min–max) 300–550 mm

  • Weight 825 kg

  • Cutter blade

    • Flange 13”/325/1.5 mm/56

    • Chain 325/1.5 mm/56

  • Splitter cylinder thrust 5 tonnes

  • Cylinder stroke 730 mm

  • Adjustable splitter blade 2/4

  • Hydraulic conveyor length 4 m

  • Hydraulic oil consumption 60 L

  • Hydraulic pressure 180 bar

  • Power source options:  R30 tractor-driven and electric, M30 internal combustion engine 17.5 HV/500cc

  • Towable M30 registered for road use (no brakes)

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