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Traktor puiduhakkur

The cost-efficient low-end model for wood chip production

NEW: for manual and crane operation

Power requirement tractor: 75-170 PS
Feed width: 64 cm
Feed height: 50 cm

Chopping output: up to 60 loose cubic meters/hour

The 3 top arguments:

  • User-friendly

  • Easy maintenance

  • Long operating life

The tractor chopping machine Wood-Terminator 7 LZ is quite simply the superior tractor chopping machine of its feed size class.

This small, robust chopping machine for manual and crane operation is ideally suited for normal tractors with 75-170 HP. It is mainly characterised by easy feeding, quick maintenance and especially smooth operation. The machine easily chops up hardwood end pieces with a thickness of 50 cm because the feed opening is 64 cm wide and 50 cm high. The large flywheel mass of the rotor guarantees easy chopping with little power requirements. Knife blades or chopping knives can be used optionally. An aggressive feed roller with a chain belt with a length of 2 m ensures the reliable conveying of the chopping material to the chopping drum and enables a chopping output of up to 60 m³/hour. It produces top wood chips “G30” consisting of uniformly dimensioned pieces and few fines. Every WT 7 LZ has an enclosed hydraulic unit. Gears and planetary gears with powerful reduction are driven by powerful oil motors. Reliable Danfoss PVG valves allow for steplessly adjustable controlling of the feed. When a cable-type shut-off device on the feed nozzle is activated, the feed belt is stopped immediately during manual operation. The chopping machine is equipped with a cable remote that has an electronic, load-dependent control with operating hours and daytime hours counter. Low maintenance costs and a long operating life are guaranteed.


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