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The 3 top arguments:

  • High throughput rate

  • Chopping knife rebound system

  • Laser screen easy to replace

Power requirement tractor:180-300 HP
Feed width: 82 cm
Feed height: 70 cm
Chopping output: up to 140 loose cubic metres/hour

The wood chopping machine WT 9 XL Z is the most cost-efficient machine of the Wood-Terminator series.

In Europe, many tractors with 200 and 300 HP are used. The chopping machine WT 9 XL is ideally suited especially for this performance class. Due to the low rotor speed, the machine is very easy to operate and produces clean wood chips. A powerful blower ensures the easy processing of shrubbery, treetops and whole trunks into high-quality wood chips. The chopping drum (with a dead weight of 1.3 tons) ensures a large dynamic moment and especially smooth running. The large rotor diameter (900 mm) with a large screen surface has an extraordinary efficiency factor for the chopping of the wood chips. The screen is low-weight and can be replaced in few minutes. A large knife advance furthers the extraordinarily high throughput rate of the chopping material of up to 140 loose cubic meters. Only 10 chopping knives make knife replacement very easy and fast. A patented foreign matter protection device with easily replaceable, predetermined breaking parts enables you to repair damage quickly. With its large feed opening of 82 x 70 cm (w x h) and the sophisticated chopping system, the chopping machine produces clean, square wood chips with few fines and a very good air-drying coefficient. The above-average stability and maintenance friendliness of the chopping machine WT 9 XL Z made it an excellent sales success in the whole of Europe. By the way, Mus-Max produces almost 100% of its wood chopping machines in-house! Cost-efficiency for the customers always takes priority.


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