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The 3 top arguments:

  • Amply dimensioned feed

  • Excellent wood chip quality

  • Patented foreign matter protection device

Power requirement tractor:130-220 HP
Feed width: 64 cm
Feed height: 60 cm
Chopping output: up to 90 loose cubic metres/hour

This novel chopping machine has been designed for the tractor class 130-200 HP. A decisive advantage of this machine is the large rotor diameter and the amply dimensioned feed (w = 64 cm, h = 60 cm). The very large chopping knife advance and the very large screen surface of this chopping machine series confirm the advantage of Mus-Max technology in this performance class. The result: excellent wood chip quality, and on top: clean, square wood chips without fine particles. An amply dimensioned, thick-walled discharge screw and a blower – equipped with easily replaceable wear plates – confirm the maintenance friendliness and quality of this device. The just eight chopping knives can be replaced and sharpened fast. The state-of-the-art CANBUS electronic system and the load-dependent feed belt control confirm the success of this development. At the push of a button, you can switch from coarse to fine wood chips immediately. Furthermore the CANBUS electronic system has the advantage that a voltage of 12 or 24 volts can be used, and in addition, this board is vibration-proof and requires little space in the control box. In addition, a very thin, weather-proof cable with steel plaiting and a small, handy, ergonomic control panel are used.


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