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Traktor puiduhakkur

The largest tractor wood chopping machine of the world has arrived!

The 3 top arguments:

  • incredible infeed width and height

  • hydraulically pivotable roller

  • pivotable high-visibility cab

Feed width: 135 cm
Feed height: 90 cm
Chopping output: up to 300 loose cubic meters/hour

With the new WT 12 Z, Mus-Max sets new standards in the field of drum-type wood chippers. As a result of the high degree of in-house production at the company (the parts to be produced are made almost 100 % in-house). The result is this absolutely premium-class machine with the following highlights:

  1. The amply dimensioned infeed roller has aggressive feed tools and pulls in the wood like a “crocodile”.

  2. An extremely wide, horizontal feed belt with ripping tools welded on it ensures the trouble-free feeding of shrubbery, residual processor waste wood and treetops.

  3. The hydraulically pivotable roller as tray extension provides for a feed belt length of 3 m, which is a huge advantage for long timber.

  4. The amply dimensioned chopping rotor with a diameter of approx. 1.2 m can be equipped with fixed chopping knives or blades. The best chopped material is produced thanks to the extremely large travel of the chopping knives and the special design of the rotor.

  5. The blower has a novel blade that runs with the same speed with special, replaceable, gentle ejection tools. This internally dynamic structure ensures a nice ejector jet with little air. Tanks can be filled accurately with chopped material, of which little gets re-shredded.

  6. The range of the new ejector can be adjusted hydraulically and steplessly with a radius of 4.5 – 5.3 m. The ejector flap consists of 3 parts, is designed for blowing up as standard, and covers a range of 145 degrees. All wear parts can be replaced.

Drive shafts or Hydro Drive Poclain wheel drives are installed on request. This drive technology and the amply dimensioned wheels make sure that the chopping device with a weight of 19 tons does not get stuck anywhere on rough terrain.

Many advantages:

  • You can use it around the clock on farmland – no tachograph.

  • You never get stuck with the tractor on rough terrain any more because it has wheels of the same size, for example Claas-Xerion – Furthermore there is a “pivotable high-visibility cab“ and motors with a greater displacement that are suited for continuous operation. The chopper can also be equipped with a special tread pattern so that the driven wheels pull through without spinning.

  • The flexibility, the efficiency, the life cycle, the maintenance-friendliness, the ergonomic handling and the comfort it offers the driver – only the tractor chopper WT 12 Z can do that.

A generously dimensioned tractor with up to 600 HP and this WT 12 chopper are currently the best on the chopper market!


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