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Kesla tõstukikabiin

The KESLA proCAB cabin is available in two sizes. It offers pleasant working conditions in all weather circumstances.

The KESLA proCAB cabin boosts professional crane operations:

  • The cabin is located closer to the crane pillar – this decreases stress on the frame during operation and extends the service life of the machine.

  • A light, high-strength aluminium frame makes the cabin extremely light.

  • The integrated lift unit saves space and makes the cabin even more spacious.

  • The great ergonomics and soundproofing of the cabin ensure that even long work stints without breaks are comfortable.

  • Great ventilation ensures a healthier working environment.

  • Unlimited visibility in all directions greatly improves operational safety and performance.

  • There are several solutions for heating and cooling the cabin, all of which are easy to use and service.

When work in the cranes is continuous, for example in wood chipper and crusher feeding tasks, the KESLA proCAB XL cabin is the right choice. The spacious interior of the cabin, ergonomic control system and effective heating and ventilation are features that enhance work performance and comfort at work.

Due to high-performance efficient air filtering, indoor air quality remains at a healthy level, even in dusty conditions.

NEW: KESLA proCAB cabins are getting updated to Vision-version!

Measures and equipment KESLA proCAB Vision XL

Measures and equipment KESLA proCAB Vision

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