Kesla offers lift models suitable for the biofuels industry, which are suitable for working with wood chippers and crushers; for stump processing; for loading biomass and wood chips and for use in terminals. The trucks are designed for frequent professional use, which means that the assembly quality and efficiency must be guaranteed.

The new KESLA models 2110 and 2112 are suitable for use in bioenergy production. All hydraulic pipes and hoses are now located inside the boom, which provides additional protection and can be easily replaced. The new wide-angle joint on the lifting device ensures better lifting capacity in all positions. All new cranes in the 21 Series have V-shaped boom bases for more precise work.

The KESLA proCAB XL cab takes ergonomics to a whole new level when working with a lift. A spacious cab, an ergonomic control system and efficient heating and ventilation are features that improve performance and contribute to working comfort. Due to efficient air filtration, indoor air quality remains at a healthy level even in dusty conditions.

The models of bioenergy lifts are: 1200, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2110, 2112, 2115


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