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HB-BRANTNER TA 23071 Power-Push plus+

Enormous load capacity and low weight, combined with a carefully thought-out design that gives the trailer good maneuverability, makes it a favorite for every user.

- The trailer has corrosion protection and is essentially designed for a lifetime. ACC paint coating and two-component acrylic paint finish ensure high quality protection against corrosion.
- The trailer has an exceptionally strong frame made of double C-profile. The trailer frame is guaranteed for ten years for agricultural use.
- Stable "STABILATOR" walls can withstand any load, even without a tension chain.
- Thanks to the well-thought-out design and special construction, the trailer is particularly agile and comfortable to work with.


It is possible to attach a quick and easy to assemble  spreader or overload skrew to the sliding wall of the trailer. (see pictures)

Spreader (built by Kirchner)
- Tongs made of Hardox;
- Spreader rollers are thick-walled, weld-free pipes;
- Separate dynamically balanced spreader rollers run smoothly and have a long service life;
- Each spreader roller is transmitted via a gear in the oil bath;
- Walterscheid cardans are equipped with an overload clutch;
- Easily accessible, one-stop lubrication system
Technical data: Hole height 2,300 mm, spreading shaft diameter: 1,100 mm, maximum spreading width: 12 m

Overload skrew

For the grain harvest;
Overload tube is hydraulically foldable;
Easy to install on all PP + types.


Permissible gross weight: 20,500/ 24,000 kg

Dead weight: 7200 kg

Load capacity:

Body 2000 mm: 34 m3

Body 2300 mm: 40 m3

Support weight: 2500 / 4000 kg

Trough size inside incl rear wall: 7100 x 2380 x 2000 mm

Total length: 9000 mm

Total width: 2550 mm at body, at tyres max. 3000 mm

Standard tyres: 385/65 R 22,5 (Truck)

Coupling height: 420 - 1060 mm

Axle cross section: 120 mm

Platform height from the ground: 1470 mm

Brake: 400x120 mm

Axle distance: 1360 /1600 (steering axle)

Cylinder diameter: 110/70 100/70

Requested amount oil: 22l

Maximum operating pressure: 200 bar

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