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HB-Brantner TA 22062/2 XPT

Universal trailer specially designed for heavy work. Sand, soil and gravel can be transported with low ports and grain, silage, wood chips, manure, etc. can be transported with a high port. Also available in Hardox metal. Robotic welding ensures a smooth, unobstructed inner surface, so the material slides smoothly out of the box. The trailer has a hydraulic tailgate. The base frame is very stable when tilted. The trailer has a very strong construction and a massive box profile.

Technical specifications:

Permissible gross weight: 22000 kg (technical 24000 kg)

Dead weight: 6100 kg

Load capacity: 14.0 - 25 m3

Support weight: 4000 kg

Platform size inside (L x W x H): 6200x 2230 / 2280x 1000 mm

Total length: 8140 mm

Total width: 2550/3000 mm

Coupling height: 400 - 1000 mm (adjustable)

Standard tyres: 385/65 R 22.5 (truck) (agricultural tires as an option)

Axle cross section: 150 (tube) mm

Platform height from the ground: 1340 mm

Number of cylinder and tube sections: 2x4

Lifting cylinder diameter: 75/90/105/120

Requested oil amount: 37 l

Tilt angle  rear:> 50 degrees


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