• Country of manufacture: Austria, EU

  • Working width: 300 cm

  • Number of covers: 5 pcs

  • Frame height: 78cm

  • Working distance: 100mm

  • Working widths: 39/42/45/48 / 52cm

  • Tractor connection: II / 36 CAT / diam

  • Weight of the device: 2225kg

  • Number of edge cutting discs: 2pcs

  • Frame: 120x120x10mm

  • Blade type: WS7-94

  • Knives type: SW670 + SWS

  • Cover support arm dimensions: 90x28mm

  • Support wheel type and size: rubber SG 700x260

Regent plows are characterized by very strong construction and very good performance. Cover fasteners are located outside the frame, which maintains the rigidity of the frame. From the third flange, the 4 and 5 flanges have a bolt connection that ensures the best flexibility while maintaining rigidity. The plow has a memory cylinder, which makes it easier to continue the work at the same height and angle without turning the plow.  The edge blades are equipped with a spring stone guard. Plowshares and blades are easily interchangeable via a bolt connection.

NB: Includes a set of new knives

Used max. 50 ha


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