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The AgroGigant is Jessernigg's best-selling sprayer model. Very popular in Central Europe, the market leader in Austria. Available in tank capacities of 2000, 2500 and 3000 L. Technically simple and durable sprayer. The sprayer frame is similar for all tanks. Maximum boom width 24m. The Müller Elektronik Iso-bus system with GPS device is used.

  • The sprayer can be coupled to the lower link of the tractor. It has several advantages: easy to hitch, the PTO shaft always stays straight, a cheaper solution, the sprayer wheels always move on the same track as the tractor wheels, and thanks to this coupling, the total length of the sprayer is shorter - only 4.5m. However, it is also possible to order a sprayer link for the upper coupling.

  • The boom stays perfectly parallel to the ground, even on steep slopes. Boom suspension is in standard.

  • Hydraulic folding with  NG6 electric / hydraulic valve blocks. Each cylinder can be controlled individually by an electrical switch.

  • 270xR42 tires as standard. Can be changed according to the customer's wishes.

  • The sprayer has an angle adjustment function that helps to avoid obstacles in flat areas. The last sections of the boom are also protected from mechanical obstacles. When driving against an obstacle, the last section turns forwards or backwards.

  • In the highest position, the boom can be folded. The folded sprayer is only 4.5 m long and 2.55 m wide, which makes it comfortable and safe to drive on the roads.

  • It is possible to install air brakes as an option.

  • The chemical tank has a very high capacity - it sucks and dissolves 60 L / min.

  • Sprayer control system: Bravo 300 S

  • GPS system: Bravo 400 S

  • Also compatible with ISO-BUS GPS system. Control system from Müller Elektronik.

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