Due to the stable, well-engineered and above all practical design of the mobile drum chopping machines WOOD-TERMINATOR, Mus-Max is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile chopping machines in Europe. Decades of operational experience are embedded in the chopping machinery range of Mus-Max. The drum chopping technology ensures the production of high-quality wood chips.

Working with MUS-MAX products means entrusting yourself to a dynamic and flexible company – a brand that offers cost-efficient solutions to farmers and forest managers as well as contract manufacturers across Europe. And this covers everything from the original idea to series production because MUS-MAX develops, produces and distributes its products itself.


MUS-MAX attaches great importance to:

  • Easy maintenance (high-quality wear parts, electronic box replaceable)

  • Easy operation

  • Long operating life

  • High efficiency factor

  • Low diesel consumption

For further information or machinery demonstrations, our sales team will be pleased to assist you:, +37255921928

Since 1859: quality for Europe!


Wood-Terminator 9 XL Hack-Truck

Small weight, good mobility!

Wood-Terminator 9 XL DLK 

Aggressive feed for shrubbery and scrap wood. Leakage return device / machine looses no chopping material.

Wood-Terminator 7 L Z

This small, robust chopping machine for manual and crane operation is ideally suited for normal tractors with 75-170 HP

Wood-Terminator 10 XL Z

Excellent wood chip quality. Process control CAN-BUS system for all functions.

Wood-Terminator 10 XL Hack-Truck

Top-chip quality. Most popular hack-truck in our product range.

Wood-Terminator 10 XL  DLB

Extra-wide, extra-long, extra-powerful!

Wood-Terminator 8 XL Z

A decisive advantage of this machine is the large rotor diameter and the amply dimensioned feed (w = 64 cm, h = 60 cm). 

Wood-Terminator 11 Z

So many advantages – realised in one compact machine! Up to 200 loose cubic metres/hour!

Wood-Terminator 11 XL Hack-Truck

Easy to manoeuvre and flexible. For real professionals.

Wood-Terminator 10 XL  DLK

Fast switching from G30 to G50 wood chips. Many technical highlights.

Wood-Terminator 9 XL Z

Successful in the whole of Europe! Cost-efficiency for the customers always takes priority.

Wood-Terminator 12 Z

The largest tractor wood chopping machine of the world has arrived!


Why to choose us:


  • We have professional team and over 10-year knowledge in forestry sector and forestry machines

  • We are official representatives and offer the guarantee for everything we sell

  • We offer quick and quality service in whole Baltic's

  • We have a big spare parts stock


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